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5 Reasons Consumers Should Choose a Certified Professional Home Builder


The state of Georgia currently has no licensing requirement for builders. The few local jurisdictions that do have some form of licensing may lack any significant value. A home is probably the most important investment of your life so it's important to do your homework when buying a home or choosing a builder. Choose a professional builder that demonstrates knowledge of construction, professionalism and commitment to you as a customer. Members of the Certified Professional Home Builder (CPHB) program have made the investment to be professional by agreeing to adhere to set standards.

Mandatory Binding Arbitration Clause

Use of a mandatory binding arbitration clause has become widely accepted in the homebuilding industry and is standard in most contracts. All members of the CPHB program are required to offer this clause in their contracts. Home buyers may be skeptical of anything that limits their ability to litigate disputes when it comes to their biggest investment, but home buyers can use an arbitrator who has direct knowledge of current building codes. Additionally, arbitration is less costly than litigation, is on-site and is legally binding just like litigation.

Limited Warranty and Set of Building Performance Standards
CPHB members are required to offer a limited warranty and set of building performance standards that are equal to or greater than the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association's (HBA) Homeowner Handbook. Although many home buyers assume a standard warranty is guaranteed by the state, there is no Georgia law requiring a one-year warranty or warranty of any other length be provided by a builder to a consumer.

Educational Requirement

Much like attorneys and certified public accountants, CPHB members are required to complete a minimum of 16 hours of educational classes annually. Education classes include building practices and issues such as mold, energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly "green" building. Home buyers can rest freely knowing that their certified builder is keeping with the latest industry technologies and building trends.

Reference Requirement
To become a CPHB member, all builder applicants must receive positive responses from financial, homeowner, supplier and trade contractor references. When investing in a home, it is reassuring for buyers to know they have received positive references from industry professionals, and most importantly, people just like them.

Experience Requirement
When researching a builder, inevitably home buyers want to know how long a company has been in business. Although many CPHB members have been building for more than 30 years, all of our members have a minimum of three years' building experience. Also, all CPHB members are full-time builders.

To find a certified professional home builder in your area, visit the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association's Web site at or call 678-775-1463.