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Frequently Asked Questions: Before Closing | After Closing




BEFORE CLOSING – Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to schedule a Pre-Construction and Pre-Drywall Walk?


Depending on the stage of your home at time of contract, you may have the opportunity to request a Pre-Construction and/or Pre-Drywall Walk with your Builder. This is not essential in the majority of cases. Your home undergoes regular inspections by your Builder as well as Local Municipalities during the Construction Process. Your Builder has full knowledge of your home and will ensure that the construction standards represented to you have been met.


When will I select Design Options for my home?


Depending on the stage of your home at time of contract, you will have the opportunity to select a variety of design options for your home. If you purchase a pre-sale home, you will have three full weeks from date of contract to meet with a Design Consultant at Traton Homes’ Design Center and make your selections. In this case, you will choose from our full spectrum of interior and exterior options. If you purchase a home that is already under construction, your Sales Representative will inform you at time of contract as to which design options are still available. In this case, you will need to make selections within a shorter timeframe to ensure the construction of your home stays on schedule.


 What happens during my New Home Orientation Walk?


You will have two opportunities to formally review your home with your Builder before you close. Approximately one week before Closing, you and your Builder will walk your home during your New Home Orientation Walk. During this meeting, your Builder will explain Traton’s warranty program and present the various features and systems of your home. He will also provide important home maintenance information. In addition, you and your Builder will conduct a thorough review of your home and identify items that need to be corrected.


What happens during my Final Homeowner Review?


On the day of your Closing (preferred) or a day that is more convenient, you and your Builder will re-walk your home, review corrected items and sign off on the delivery of your home. We strive to address all items on your walk-through list before Closing; however, there are occasions when a few items or back ordered items will survive Closing. If that should occur, we will make every effort to facilitate the completion of those items as soon as possible.


AFTER CLOSING – Frequently Asked Questions


What Warranty Program does Traton provide?


Traton's comprehensive warranty program provides you with assurance long after you close on your new home. Our warranty program includes the following:

  • Greater Atlanta Homebuilder's Association Homeowner Handbook and Limited Warranty(1-Year Warranty covers materials and workmanship as well as mechanical issues.You will receive this document at time of contract.)
  • Residential Warranty Corporation (RWC) 8-Year Structural Warranty (You will receive a sample copy of this document at time of contract. Traton will enroll you in this warranty and you will receive certification of enrollment at Closing. Unlike other warranties, such as 2/10 warranties, this warranty protects you immediately after Closing.)
  • Manufacturers’ Warranties (Appliances, shingles, etc…)


What is the procedure for scheduling warranty service during my First Year?

You will have two scheduled Warranty Service Appointments to meet with your Warranty Technician during the first year, at around 45 days and 11 months. Appointments are scheduled between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.


 What happens during my 45-day Warranty Service Appointment?


There may be little things you experience after move-in that you and your Builder did not notice before (i.e., a door that does not open and close properly). These items should be listed on your 45-Day Warranty List. Approximately 35 days after Closing, a Warranty Coordinator (who assists your Warranty Technician) will contact you by email and remind you to fax or email your list to us. After we receive your list, we will contact you to schedule your 45-day Warranty Service Appointment. Providing us your list in advance allows us to review your requests and plan ahead to maximize your appointment.


What happens during my 11-month Warranty Service Appointment?


The procedure for the 11-month appointment is the same as with the 45-day appointment. Your 11-month appointment is very important as this is the last service appointment under your 1-Year Warranty. In addition to addressing any warranty concerns you may have, your Warranty Technician will be happy to answer any questions as you transition from warranty service to homeowner maintenance. There is a helpful section on homeowner maintenance located in the Greater Atlanta Homebuilder’s Association Homeowner Handbook and Limited Warranty notebook you receive at time of contract. We also provide additional homeowner maintenance information in the Customer Care Documents envelope provided by your Builder during your New Home Orientation Walk. If you have any questions regarding your structural or manufacturers’ warranties, please discuss them with your Warranty Technician at this time.


Will all items on my list be completed during my Warranty Service Appointments?


By providing your list in advance, your Warranty Technician can prepare to bring materials and tools needed to take care of some items at the time of your appointment.We will make every effort to group any additional appointments with outside Contractors (i.e., electrician, plumber, drywall) with as little inconvenience to you as possible. A homeowner or other designated person will need to be present during all appointments.


 What if I have an Emergency?


If a situation occurs that prevents you from residing in your home or that would create harm or detriment to your home or family, call your Warranty Coordinator at Traton's office and identify your situation as an emergency. During normal business hours, a Warranty Coordinator will return your call immediately. After hours or on weekends, please call the appropriate contractor as noted on your Contractor Sticker (located underneath your kitchen sink cabinet).


What if my home needs service in between Warranty Service Appointments?


We understand that you may experience the need forwarranty work from time to time that, if left unattended, could lead to more problems, i.e., a roof leak. Should that occur, please call your Warranty Coordinator who will assist you in determining the urgency of the situation and advise you accordingly.


What is the purpose of the Guild Quality Surveys?


Your satisfaction is very important to us. Guild Quality,an independent survey firm, will contact you twice (approximately 2 weeks after closing and one year after closing) to conduct an important phone survey. Each survey is reviewed by Traton's senior management team.


What if I need to reach someone regarding an issue I cannot resolve with the Warranty Department?


Please, let us know by emailing us at A team member will review your concern and get back to you.


Traton is a six-time recipient of the GuildMaster Award for excellence in customer service!
Once a year, GuildQuality bestows upon a handful of its members an award for exemplary quality and customer service. Award winners differ in their types of work and their price ranges, but all have a lengthy track record of exceptional customer feedback.