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"The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it."



Employment Opportunities

Traton is currently accepting applications for: Entry-Level Quality Coordinator



Position: Quality Coordinator

Job location: Corporate Office, Marietta, GA

Full Time Employee: Yes

Years of Experience:  Entry Level

Computer or Software Skills:  Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Access, FAST


  Working Conditions/Essential Job Functions

             - Majority of time is spent in an office.  Sitting at a desk and using a computer encompasses majority of time of the job.  Stressful situations do occur regularly.

             - Must be able to answer and speak on the phone, use a computer, type, copy, read service request, and any other task or duty my supervisor may ask.


 Main Responsibilities/Duties: 

  •   Send out introduction post card to all new homeowners
  •  Send out reminder cards to all home owners prior to the 45 day and 11th month warranty walks, followed by a phone call
  •  Schedule warranty walks with the homeowners and coordinate these walks with the warranty technician
  •  Supply Quality Managers and Quality Assurance Manager with administrative assistance
  •  Assist homeowners and other customers with problems, concerns and informational inquiries
  •  Enter all necessary service orders and fax to vendors
  •  Process warranty bills for payment and assist vendors as needed
  •  Maintain Homeowner warranty files
  •  Maintain Warranty Manuals for sales agents
  •  Various administrative duties for the V.P. of Construction and Quality Assurance Manager


Behavioral Traits: 

             -  Detail Oriented

             -  Multi – tasker

             -  Able to resolve conflicts

             -  Problem Solver

             -  People Oriented

            -  Calm

             -  Dependable

             -  Patient

             -  Strong Organizational Skills


 When applying for the Quality Coordinator position, please email your resume and completed employment application to  and .  Submissions without completed employment application will not be considered.  Download the employment application by clicking the link highlighted in yellow at bottom of this page.



TRATON HOMES EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION  (Click on link to download application)


Director of Human Resources, Rebecca Anderberg,


Traton Homes is an equal employment opportunity employer. We adhere to a policy of making employment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, age or disability.

We assure you that your opportunity for employment with this Company depends solely on your qualifications.


 Thank you for your interest in Traton Homes.